Principles and Goals

Our principle is to prepare our students to life as multilingual and multicultural individuals who are equipped with universal values and principles by tapping on their inherent curiosity and inquiry, taking into consideration the fact that each student is unique without expecting them to sacrifice their childhood.

Our Goal is, through national and international educational programmes and in line with the principle stated above, to raise individuals who:

  • Enjoy learning and is a life-long learner with skills required to carry out purposeful and constructive research by tapping on their natural curiosity;
  • Can take initiatives regarding using critical and creative thinking skills;
  • Are competent in using their mother tongues and at least one foreign language while expressing their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and information;
  • Are self- confident and independent enough to explore new roles, ideas, and strategies throughout the learning process, and courageous while defending their beliefs within the framework of democratic principles;
  • Are excited and endeavoring to explore things and information that universally valid and important; and intellectual with a great deal of background information;
  • Have comprehended the principles of morality and are honest and fair;
  • Are careful and responsible in terms of protecting, recycling, saving, and sharing the limited resources with people and other living beings;
  • Are tolerant and open to different perspectives and ideas; respectful to cultural values, lifestyles, and beliefs;
  • Have understood the importance of personal happiness, physical and intellectual balance;
  • Examine learning processes of themselves and other people; analyze strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner; employ their knowledge and experience for different areas of learning.