Being a Terakki student means receiving an education that would be a source of life-long inspiration and getting prepared for life in its full sense and one step ahead of others. Our educational activities are carried out in the Tepeören and Levent campuses by our expert staff in line with this understanding and with the “One Terakki. Two Campuses.” approach.

In our schools we give priority and work to help our students:

  • Develop foreign language skills;
  • Get prepared for higher education both academically and socially in their full sense;
  • Develop competence through artistic, cultural, and sports activities;
  • Become ready for global citizenship through our international initiatives.

In line with our mission, our schools aim to raise self-confident individuals with ethical values, respecting all cultures and diversities, who know their rights as individuals and how to access information, care for the nature and the environment, embrace Atatürk’s principles and secular and democratic social order, do not give up being life-long learners for a peaceful world.

TERAKKİ, which sticks to the realities of education of today and raises individuals for the unknown world of the future, continuously develops and improves its education system pursuing a student-centered approach based on the fact that each student learns in a unique way. The same educational approach and programme is implemented across the board in two campuses.

Instead of an educational approach that focuses on achieving success in exams alone, it implements authentic programs and activities that reveal the cognitive skills of students such as creative thinking, inquiry, coming up with alternatives, and finding solutions. It raises individuals who comprehend, respect, and empathize with the diversity and differences in the world.

It helps develop their self-confidence, tolerance, humour with sense of aesthetics, their view of art, artistic abilities, and their contributions to science, community, and the environment. While doing this, it highlights the standards of both Social Sciences and Science – Mathematics classes.

At TERAKKİ, students get together in many scientific environments such as the tissue laboratory, scientific project rooms, philosophy class and competition groups and participate in many activities. They get to learn many sports such as track and field, swimming, sailing, and table tennis. Moreover, they express themselves through poetry, creative drama, and theater, and come together with their peers to perform. Terakki also supports the students with a wide range of music workshops, a variety of computer and technology activities ranging from web design to software development, cartoon films, stop motion animation, and sculpture and ceramics workshops, and thus contributes to their development as versatile individuals.

Terakki cooperates with many schools, universities, academic and official institutions in national and international platforms and our students participate in national, international, and in-house projects and become not only consumers but also producers of information.

Within the framework of the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), foreign language education is provided to students through a program which is in line with the European language standards, and our students’ skills in foreign languages ​​are assessed by the internationally recognized certification exams such as the University of Cambridge ESOL, French DELF, German FIT, and Spanish DELE exams. Our students acquire foreign language skills that would help them be successful in national and international examinations and in higher education, and more importantly that would contribute to their strong communication skills as global citizens.

International Baccalaureate (IB) programs with international validity and recognition are being implemented at Terakki.

Our kindergarten and primary school in the Levent Campus became an IB World School by being authorized to implement the Primary Years Programme (PYP) on August 15, 2014. Our high school in the Levent Campus was authorized to implement the Diploma Program in High Schools (Diploma Program – DP) on April 23, 2013 and the Diploma Programme is being implemented since the 2013-2014 academic year, and the school at the Tepeören Campus was authorized on May 1, 2018 and started to implement the programme in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Our goal in all of our activities carried out in our schools is to prepare our students for the unknown world of the future and to equip them with life skills that would contribute to that world focusing on their development as versatile individuals.

TERAKKI, with this educational approach and the principles it has preserved since 1877, prepares bright individuals carrying the responsibility of the future for higher education at both national and international level.