Teaching How to Read and Write

The school acts to prepare the students to the unknown world of the future and to equip them with the life skills that would contribute to this world. The purpose of teaching how to read and write in our school is to help students acquire reading and writing skills and also develop thinking, comprehension, inquiry, and evaluation skills.

It is our main principle to help students take on the skills of reading, writing, and communication as a habit using the language that has an important place and function of enriching the life.

Teaching how to read and write covers five areas of teaching Turkish: listening, reading, speaking, writing, visual reading and visual presentation.

In the phonics method students start learning the sounds. After a few sounds that make a meaningful whole, students move to syllables, then to words, and then to sentences.

Students learn cursive handwriting that is appropriate for their development.

The objective for teaching reading:

Is to raise individuals who read for enjoyment, academic purposes, and to get information; who comprehend what they read and can choose the elements that contribute to their own development

Moreover, we want our students to become selective readers who work on various literary works and inquire, and whose awareness is high as they read diverse resources (such as newspapers, encyclopedia, magazines, etc.).

Therefore, the texts and books we choose are an indispensable part of teaching Turkish. Students see and learn how to use vocabulary, characteristics of words, and the subtleties of language.

The texts chosen for reading are related to the current theme, supportive (informative), and suitable for reflection and reaching conclusions. The activities related to reading are activities that develop thinking skills, imagination, creativity, and efficient reading skills. We ensure that our students use the library actively.