The objective if the Music classes is to help students:

  • Identify sounds in general
  • Build connections among sounds
  • Acquire the skill of expression their feelings through music
  • Use the rhythmic dimension of music and develop their sense of rhythm
  • Develop their senses of love, friendship, and responsibility through making music as a group
  • Enjoy participating in musical activities

The content of the curriculum is supported through audio-visual activities and games that develop mathematical and reasoning skills and musical intelligence. The music education is regarded as a whole and classes are taught with this principle in mind. It is important that training the ear and listening to music are interconnected as pieces of music are being studied.

The music class is interrelated with other disciplines. Knowledge and skills related to music are used while concepts and topics are being taught in other subjects.

Solfege and musical notation are taught as a preparation for the upper grade-levels. The knowledge is reinforced through concerts and activities.