Our High School Student Ranked 3rd in the Philosophy Olympics

Ozan Ölmez (11A), our high school student from our Levent campus, won the bronze medal in the International Philosophy Olympics, which was held online between 27 – 30 May. He has become the third in the world.

In the Philosophy Olympics that had been organised by the Turkish Philosophy Institution in December, our student ranked as fourth. In January, he was selected as one of the 2 students who would represent Turkey in the 29th International Philosophy Olympics World Final based on the results of the English essay writing examination. This examination was arranged for students in Turkey who were in the top 10 in the previous competition.

The theme of the Olympics, in which our student ranked third was “Utopia and the Utopian Thought”. In this competition, during the three days, the students who had the chance to follow the speeches and lectures of the world’s most important thinkers such as Noam Chomsky, Michael Albert, Catherine Malabau and Peter Singer later wrote their own articles.