Our IB Students’ Workshop in the Netherlands titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Spark”

Our students Yiğit Kırca, Emir Celal Orman, Doğukan Altun, and Tuğra Özçelik from 11IBH in our Levent Campus participated in the 7th Theory of Knowledge Conference that took place in the Netherlands from February 24 to February 28 within the framework of the IB DP’s TOK class. Yiğit Kırca and Tuğra Özçelik also carried out a workshop titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Spark” at the conference which was organized by the United World College in Maastricht.

The purpose of the conference which was completely organized and run by the students under the theme “What is the Spark?” was to help students inquire in depth the interesting topics they learned in their IBDP TOK (Theory of Knowledge) class using their critical and creative thinking skills. Moreover, the purpose was to help students develop various perspectives towards phenomena and issues and raise intercultural awareness.

Our students who participated in the conference played active roles in the workshops which were prepared under the leadership of their peers and attended the presentations of the guest speakers who are experts of theory of knowledge. What is more, they shared their own ideas with their peers, speakers, and workshop leaders and had the opportunity to get to know different cultures closely.

The following topics were discussed at the workshop titled “Artificial Intelligence and the Spark” which was carried out by our students: the reasons why artificial intelligence emerged; the future of artificial intelligence activities within the context of ethical issues. Participant students from different parts of the world paid great attention to this workshop for which our students acted as facilitators.

Yiğit Kırca wrote the following about his experience and ideas:

“What is the starting point of something? Where is the point of no return? What initiates a war, love, change, or imagination? Everything starts off with a spark. An idea triggers an invention; a big bang acts as a spark for the formation of the earth. A cry triggers a revolution. A dream starts off a great movement”.

From February 24 to February 28 my classmates Tuğra, Doğukan, Emir, and our TOK teacher and I participated in the international Theory of Knowledge conference held in the Netherlands. We discussed what the spark that initiates the trail-blazing inventions, ideas is at the conference whose theme was “What is the Spark?”. We shared our ideas and discussed at the variety of activities we attended.

As we listened to the guest speaker Ellora Adam who is an IB graduate, we inquired about what the spark that triggers emotions and creativity. Another guest speaker Prof. Jack Mellor made us reflect on the relationship between mind and memory in depth.

By participating in workshops and presentations we experienced and learned about various topics. Moreover, at the 90-minutes-long presentation and workshop we prepared together with Tuğra we discussed what the spark of the artificial intelligence could be and the future of the artificial intelligence with the participation of friends from different countries and schools.

There were many IB students from various countries participating in the conference. Therefore, this experience was a great opportunity for me in terms of getting to know new people and ideas and more importantly being able to look at events from different perspectives. This conference which we enjoyed so much and helped us learn so many things was indeed an unforgettable experience for me”.


Yiğit Kırca (11 IB H)