Our IBDP Students Address Water Scarcity Problem at International Conference

Our high school IBDP students from our Levent Campus made an online presentation at the international conference “Finding your voice in a global world” held as a hybrid conference by the Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium school in Lithuania on Thursday, February 8th.

In this conference, which was organised by the Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium school in Kaunas, Lithuania; our 10 IB F grade students Yonca Öztürk and Öykü Caliskan presented their project “Give A Second Life to Your Clothes!”, in line with their interdisciplinary lessons called Environmental Systems and Societies, Film, Mathematics, and English B. They described how water scarcity affects our world, how much water is used for clothing production, and how much the usage of second-hand clothing can reduce water scarcity. They raised awareness of the aforementioned issues with the aid of the posters they created, the data they gathered with scientific methodology and supporting imagery.

In the beginning of the conference, Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium student Patricija Česonytė presented their work named “The Myth of the Western Literary Canon”, and Assistant Professors Robin Gingerich and Heather Gaddis from LCC International University of Lithuania presented their presentation named “Living in a Global World: Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives”. In this hybrid conference, students presented the projects and other work they accomplished at their own schools keeping the theme in mind.


Öykü Çalışkan from class 10IBF explained her experiences regarding the conference:

“It was a great experience for me to attend the ‘Find your voice in a global world’ conference. We prepared our presentation to raise awareness about water scarcity which is a global issue, based on the data we obtained for the second-hand clothes sales day we organised at our school and the posters we prepared. I was a little worried at first as I was going to present for the first time at an international conference, but I was also excited to have such an opportunity and to be able to talk about a topic that I value.

At the conference, we first attended the presentations of other participants. After the lunch break, it was the turn of the participants who joined the conference online. Each presentation was different from one another, with some presenting topics according to their own area of ​​interest, while others addressing the most up-to-date issues. I enjoyed listening to the presentations and learning new things. When it was our turn, I felt completely ready because I believed I would do a good job. The comments and questions which were received after the presentation made me happy. I think I achieved my goal because I created awareness at an international conference.”