Terakki Students Attended International Conference With Their Presentations

Terakki students made a presentation at the  XXI Century Integration IB World School’s online conference named “Children for a Better World: Innovation and Development” for IB PYP, MYP and DP students on Saturday, February 11th.

In this presentation, our students presented the “An Innovation (Alternative method) for the Production of Bioethanol from Biomass Wastes in an Environmental Friendly Way”, which they prepared for the Chemistry Standard Level course. They talked about the experiment they did for their chemistry project.

Cem Koçak, Berat Öztürk and Tuana Ağrikli, who are our high school 11 IB H class students from the Levent Campus, gave their video presentations based on the question of: “Why is there a need for innovation? Justify your answer.

The aim of the experiment (which consists of pre-treatment, hydrolysis and fermentation stages) that is carried out by our students within the scope of their Chemistry projects, is to produce bioethanol – normally obtained from corn or sugar beet – in the most efficient way possible using lettuce waste. This way, it is aimed to evaluate fertile agricultural lands which are utilised only for bioethanol production for different occupations and uses. As a result of the experiment, 43-47 mL of bioethanol was obtained from 100 grams of cellulosic waste. Considering that there will be losses in school laboratory conditions and process steps, the rate obtained in this study seems to be successful.

At this conference held by the XXI Century Integration IB World School in Moscow, the capital city of Russia, students constructed their presentations by selecting the United Nations sustainable development goals or one of the following questions on this year’s themes of innovation and development:

1- What is innovation for you?

2- Evaluate the consequences of the development of innovations.

3- Discuss the problems related to the development of innovations.

4- Why is there a need for innovation? Justify your answer.

5- What is required for innovation?

6- Does a new idea always involve risk? Discuss with reference to the developments in a particular field.

7- Is development possible without innovation and is innovation possible without development?

8- Should ethics guide scientific progress?

9- Should a person who created a product be held responsible for the consequences of its application?

10- Do established values change in the face of new knowledge?

11- How does technology transform human cognition? How does it transform society in general?

12- Are we living in what some are calling the “fake innovation era”? Discuss this with reference to fraud, scams and misrepresentation in science and technology.

13- When, if ever, are they going to invent a time machine? Do we really need one?

You can watch our students’ presentation via this link.

Meanwhile, in the Primary School PYP category, our students Mert Kapanlı (4E), Asaf Güven Okka (4E), Eda Yalçın (4B) and Ilgaz Abak (4H) from our Levent Campus explained the website they designed regarding the 12th item, “Our Responsibilities in Our Consumption and Production Habits”. Zeynep Uzun (4D), Arel Levis (4D), Cemre Ezo Akbulut (4D) and Andre Can Coşkun (4H) presented their drama show about enabling healthy living and supporting well-being in all age groups in line with item 3 named “Healthy Life and Well-Being”.

Students from the Tepeören campus Ahu Ece Korkmaz (4A) and İpek Köseler (4A) shared the animation they prepared in order to raise awareness about reducing the impact of climate change and awareness in line with the 13th article of Climate Action and to share their suggestions & solutions about what needs to be done in this regard.

With this event, our students got to know the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals better, and they had the opportunity to make a presentation in English with their own choice of method to an audience consisting of students from various countries.