Terakki Students’ Winning the Title at the FIRST Robotics Competition and Award of Excellence in Engineering

TeRoBot, our high school Robotics Club team of our Levent Campus, got the first place among 53 teams participating from Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Croatia, and Switzerland at the FIRST* Robotics Competition (FRC) held at the Istanbul Ülker Sports and Events Hall from March 9 to March 11 as a result of the qualifying games. Our team TeRoBot, which eliminated its rivals at the quarter finals and semi-finals, is entitled to participate in the World Championship which will take place in Houston, USA at the end of the finale.

Moreover, our team received the Excellence in Engineering which is given to the team which comes up with the robot that has an extraordinary design and practicality. The Award of Excellence in Engineering which is supported by Delphi is given to the team that employs the elegant and advantageous machine property. The team that receives the award should be able to explain and demonstrate the machine property that was chosen well. Our team came up with the engineering solution which was uniquely efficient and impressive in terms of the obstacle of climbing in the game and achieved excellence in the task of climbing.

This year our team got prepared for the game which had the theme “Infinite Recharge” under the guidance of our Physics teachers Ahmet Astepe, Demet Karakaş, and Hande Gökdoğan and engineers throughout the 6-weeks-long processes of design, construction, and coding.

At this game two allies try to protect the city from celestial objects that are guided towards the City of FIRST that were formed as a result of the collision in the depths of the space. Each ally -with the help of loyal droids- try to collect the Power Cells that provided power to the Shield Generator and to place them in the required slots. After placing adequate number of Power Cells droids do some adjustments in their own Control Panel and activates the phases of the Power Generator. In the last seconds of the game droids which go to the Appointment Zones in order to activate the Shield Generator save the city from danger! Throughout the 15-seconds-long Autonomous Period droids follow the instructions that were programmed in advance. Alliances can collect points in two ways at the Autonomous Period:

  1. By placing Power Cells to the Power Inlets
  2. By moving from the Start Line

In the remaining 2 minutes 15 seconds of the game droids are under the control of the drivers. Throughout this time alliances can gather points in various ways:

  1. By continuing Power Cells to Power Inlets
  2. By enabling Rotation Control
  3. By enabling Position Control
  4. By hanging in the Generator Key
  5. By balancing the Generator Key

At the end of the game the alliance that has the highest score wins the game.

*The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition encourages students to look for innovative solutions for the issues and to push their limits in order to explore their potentials. The competition inspires students to become the engineers, scientists, and leaders of the future by providing them the environment to work with teachers, parents, mentors, administrators, and professionals.