Our GIN Club Students Discussed Global Issues at the International GIN Conference

Our high school GIN (Global Issues Network) Club students from both campuses attended the international GIN conference organized online this year by the International School of Luxembourg between March 22nd and 26th. At this conference, our students made two presentations titled “Femicides in the Middle East” and “Awareness on the Environment-Human Relationship”.

Our Tepeören campus students Cenan Gençer (Hz B), Irmak Servi (9E), Defne Öztürkoğlu (9E) and Hasibe Seza Bayat (11A) gave examples and statistical information in their presentation titled “Femicides  in the Middle East” and touched upon the current situation in the region. Then, they talked about the measures that can be taken in the 21st century and also gave a presentation on discrimination against women.

The conference started with an inspiring speech by Aneesa Khan, director of Oil Change International Communications. Presenting examples from the projects she did at her school to draw attention to climate change while she was still in secondary school, Khan explained how the work she participated in throughout her education prepared her for today and how she is trying to raise awareness around  the world about the reality of fossil fuels. Emphasizing the importance of education in her speech, Khan set an example for young people about what they can do in high school.

The second keynote speaker was May Taherzadeh, who is a producer and has won dozens of international awards for her films. In her speech, Taherzadeh gave examples of what young people can do individually, after explaining concepts such as art, being an inspiration, and raising awareness.

The 15th International Global Issues Network virtual conference, which included the keynote speakers of the two-day conference as well as the presentations of students from different schools from all over the world, ended with a section where students presented their short, medium, and long-term goals and projects with the attendees.