Our IB Librarian Has Introduced Our Databases to Our Students

Our libraries continue to work on providing all kinds of resources that support the school curriculum (books, magazines, e-books, e-journals, etc.) and teaching the use and access of these resources by our students and all other users within the framework of academic honesty and information literacy.

From both of our campuses, our preparatory and Grade 9 students have gathered to meet Sevim Özdemir on the 20-30th of September, along with our 10IB students, who got to meet Özdemir on the 12-14th of October.

In this event that our library department – which continues to contribute to the academic and cultural development of our students – hosted; students learned how to use our databases in their research. This event was hosted both online and in face-to-face form.

Özdemir first informed our students about the importance of the library, the general operation and rules of the library, and then introduced the concepts of the printed and digital portfolio. Emphasizing that digital resources have become more important with the pandemic, Özdemir explained to our students how they can access the digital resources of our libraries and remarked that they have access to various local and global digital content.

Özdemir has shown our students how to access our libraries’ databases via library.terakki.org.tr step-by-step and has also introduced multiple databases that can be used for research purposes, such as the TÜBİTAK Academic Journal, Britannica Online, Britannica Image Quest, JSTOR and Directory of Open Access Journals.

For literature review via online resources, Özdemir has mentioned EBSCOhost, Follet Shelf, Tumble Book Library and Sayısal Kitap. She has also explained to students how they can use the Cumhuriyet newspaper database and the Sorapp e-journal platform to follow up with periodic publications. Presenting various examples within the framework of academic honesty, she shared how to read and borrow articles and books related to students’ research, and how to write citations according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) format.