Terakki Delegates Attended the MilanMUN Conference

Our high school MUN (Model United Nations) Club students from both campuses attended the online MilanMUN’21 conference, which was organized for the 16th time this year by the Civico Polo Scolastico Alessandro Manzoni School in Milan, Italy, between 25 – 27 March. The MILANMUN’21 conference, where the United Nations is taught via simulations and where world problems are discussed, took place this year with approximately 300 students from Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey. At the MILANMUN’21 conference themed “Assessment of the Impact of COVID-19 on Health Systems & The Environment”, our students represented the countries Bolivia, Germany, Palestine, Tunisia, and Ukraine.

Before the MILANMUN’21 conference, our students held many meetings under the leadership of their  team captains, researching the country to be represented, and preparing their country reports. Afterwards, the agenda items to be discussed during the conference were researched and they worked on problem identification and solution proposals. They examined the reports prepared by the committee chairmen. As a result of their studies, our students created their law drafts/resolutions and submitted their drafts before the conference.

During the conference, all of our students completed their lobbying work and shared their law drafts/ resolution drafts with other participants on the committee agendas, seeking more realistic and practical, applicable solutions. Students who achieved the necessary majority of votes became the chair of the drafting process. Our students who tried to defend their resolutions by taking part in long and heated debates and speeches, also exhibited very successful team work as they tried to pass their law drafts through committee voting.

The general assembly’s agenda item for this year was “Evaluation of the Impact of Covid-19 on Health Systems and the Environment”. Our student Ayşe Duru Karaduman’s (10A – Tepeören)  resolution presentation was chosen as one of the best of six, as she represented the country Ukraine, and was also accepted by a majority of votes.

At the Closing Ceremony held on Saturday, March 27, the Committee Chairs summarized the work done in their committees throughout the conference and announced the outstanding delegates.

Ayşe Duru Karaduman (10A – Tepeören), who took part in the Disarmament & International Security – DISEC) committee received an honorary mention. Berke Çurku (10A – Tepeören) was entitled to receive the best delegate award.