Terakki Students Have Completed Their IBPYP Presentation & Graduated

In both of our campuses, our kindergarten (age 6) and primary school 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students completed their PYP portfolio presentations for the 2021-2022 academic year in May. Our 4th grade students graduated from the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) by receiving their certificates after finishing their PYP exhibition presentations in June.

In these activities, student groups which consist of individuals that are inquirers and can come up with solutions for an issue have shared their knowledge, experiences and skills with their parents & teachers. Moreover, they have also displayed their confidence & self-sufficiency as they expressed themselves in foreign languages.

Our kindergarten (6 year old) and Primary School (1st – 3rd grade) students first selected the works that best expressed themselves in the PYP interdisciplinary themes and collected them in their “Portfolio” files. The portfolio is an assessment tool compiled from students’ work, showing the student’s progress.

Students thought about the areas in which the works they selected for this portfolio reflected their progress. They have also thought about the goals of them choosing that particular piece of work, and what they would like to change if they re-did the piece of work. On the presentation day, while describing their work in their portfolio files, they shared what they have learned throughout their work, how they felt, and the skills they have developed.

On the other hand, our primary school 4th grade students gave their presentations for the exhibition unit. Our students who have been interested in global issues such as gender equality, children’s rights, environmental pollution, global warming, the impact of technology on the economy, endangered animals, and sea pollution have worked with IB Diploma Program (DP) high school teachers before their presentations for a whole year. The groups – which gathered together online every week – conducted their research under the mentorship of their teachers as well as DP students. They became experts in their respective area of study & took action.

With these studies, our students not only improved their approaches to learning, but also reinforced their knowledge. At the end of their exhibition work, our students came together with DP students and had the opportunity to meet them face-to-face. At the end of the meeting, our DP students received certificates of appreciation for their support to PYP students.

After the preparation process, the exhibition unit presentation and certificate program took place. After completing their presentations on the subjects they specialised in, our students performed their English and Turkish stage performances for the certificate program. Then they graduated with their certificates.

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