Our Kindergarten Students Carried Out “Water” Themed Eco-School Activities

In our Levent Campus, our kindergarten students aged 6 continued to work on the Eco School project, which has been ongoing since the 2010-2011 academic year, with the theme of “Water” this term.

They formed their eco-team groups by choosing a representative from each class. During the first semester, they conducted research within the scope of the “Water Project” and shared videos, images and books they found during their research with their classmates. By experimenting with the “cycle of water”, they observed the formation of rain and the importance of water for living beings. Thanks to these activities, they gained awareness about protecting natural resources and conscious consumption.

Accordingly, the suggestions collected by eco-team students from their own classes on water saving and the slogans chosen by each class themselves were displayed on the eco-school board.

After visiting the water treatment plant in our school as an end-of-term activity, students designed their own water purification models. They shared their knowledge and experience with the school community by presenting this model they designed to their friends. By investigating the water consumption in their homes, they reviewed and evaluated their consumption habits. With these activities, our students had the opportunity to develop themselves in terms of identifying and finding solutions to various problems.